Thinking of becoming a Taxi Driver?

The taxi industry is a fully regulated service under the control of Transport for NSW.

1. Persons who are interested in working in the taxi industry within New South Wales are currently required to be endorsed by Transport for NSW. In addition, Bathurst Taxis also runs a local training programme, to be completed before a driver can drive a cab on their own.

2. You must have a current NSW drivers Licence, held for at least twelve months and be at least twenty years of age.

3. You need English literacy that meets the equivalent of the hospitality industry level. You need to download the taxi pack and application form from the Department's web site,  You need to read this information as it relates to the laws and regulations controlling the responsibilities of taxi drivers.

4. You must complete the application form with required photograph and medical assessment. If you are over 60 or have a medical condition you need a standard driver’s medical examination available from your general practitioner for approximately $70.00.

5. Submit the application and required payment of $100.00 to Transport for NSW.

6. You will need to have or apply for an Australian Business number and be registered for GST lodgements with the Australian Tax Office for purposes of GST and Tax returns.

7. You will be required to forward GST payments based on your retained earnings every three months and keep suitable records as drivers are essentially self-employed.

8. Drivers are not paid a salary; they operate the taxi on a bailment system under which they "rent" the taxi for the period of the shift and pay the owner a percentage of the turnover.

The requirements for working in Bathurst are:-

1. A new driver will complete a comprehensive training program, including an “apprenticeship” spent driving the cab with a current operator. They will learn Bathurst Taxis’ rules of operation, standards of conduct, vehicle presentation and dress codes, as well as how our job despatch and 2-way radio systems work. They also need to familiarise themselves with the locations of Bathurst landmarks, streets, hospitals, pubs and clubs, etc.

2. Provisional authorisation will be issued on compleation of training and will become permanent when the directors of Bathurst Taxis are confident you meet our high standards.

Enquiries please contact Mr Dean Shadbolt (Driver Education and Discipline)

Bathurst Taxis
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